Wherever You Go, the new Single by teté

Experience the Blend of Brazil, England, and Mexico in teté’s Latest Release

Toronto, Canada

Release Date: 2024-03-15
Check out Wherever You Go here: Song Link

Toronto singer teté is getting ready to shake up the music world with her new single “Wherever You Go,” released March 15, 2024. Born from this sum of influences from Brazil, England, and Mexico, teté plays naturally in the vibrant soul cocktail that will leave you spellbound. “Wherever You Go” is a beautiful ode to love that soulfully brings out the special relationship with the help of the vocalist and the composition.

But teté’s storytelling ability gets a chance to shine as she shares a recollection of the way the songs connected one to falling in love with someone and getting fascinated by all the little details about them. Having started in jazz at the young age of 12, teté fearlessly blends neo-soul, R&B, and Latin beats in her debut EP.

She released her debut single, “I Will Not Stay,” this spring and since has put out a collaborative project called Saudade, where she collaborated with BEATCAVE and Achanté. With her second single, “Marshmallow Moon,” which was released in September 2023, teté will continue to allure the audience with another exciting song. Teté’s music, from a new up-and-coming artist, comes with the air of freshness itself. This is largely further proof of her huge talent and ability to mold something very much in her own diverse influences. From “Wherever You Go,” teté embarks on an amorous and devoted trip which seems virtually timeless and arouses the greatest interest in the next steps of this emerging talent. Keep an eye out for the release of “Wherever You Go” – you don’t want to miss it.