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You’re so good: A Journey through Indie Electronic Music with Retro Kid

Copenhagen, Denmark

Release Date: 22 March 2024
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Jake Juba, also known as Retro Kid, is a young and fresh electronic producer from the boiling pot city of Copenhagen, Denmark. He leads into the world of indie electronic music with his new track “You’re so good.

A Fusion of Genres

Born in the UK, Jake Juba grew among the sounds. He has described his music works as a blend of garage, techno, and house sub-genre fusions. He has a unique way of production that results in many critics and fans who favor him. A Tribute to Love

“You’re so good” is a single from which one can get to clearly tell the creativeness of Retro Kid and his prowess in music. This is a dedication track to his son, Billy, and his love for bananas.

And this retro kid, with just 18 months under his belt before he could even say a word about loving those bananas, he manages to capture that in this catchy, upbeat track.

A Creative Playground of Sounds

The track has all elements of electronic beats with playful samples all combined in a balance that makes it fun and exciting. The creative building blocks that Retro Kid has are evident in this track, where he layers sounds to create a unique and vibrant sound.

The Beginning of a New Chapter

“‘You’re So Good’ is the first single, and it is really the track that kind of points toward this game-changing moment for Retro Kid. More music is on the way soon, so ready your ears for his signature style in the coming months. This strong commitment to deep electronic music and wide genre exploration is definitely what sets him apart from any other artist in this industry.

Continuing the Evolution of Electronic Music

The music of Retro Kid is a good example of the general change that happened to the evolution of electronic music. Electronic music is really going through some big journey from its first appear in the underground scene until today, where it becomes normal genres. Retro Kid and others dissolve the boundaries and borders of the genre, making it their own electronic vibe.

Influenced by the Greats

He is influenced by electronic music royalty à la Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, and Justice. Retro Kid is definitely a person to be watched for his unique sound and way of thinking.

Retro Kid 

Jake Juba is based in Copenhagen, born in the UK. He produces electronic music under the genre of Indie Electronic, poking at the sub-genres of all things electronic, such as Garage, Techno, and House. He produces left-field dance. And so, he uses music as bricks in play; sticking together his favorite samples to make a playground of sound. Watch out for Retro Kid and his future releases as he further cements his foot into the world of electronic music.