Van Elst - WISH Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Discover the Healing Power of Music with VAN ELST’s New Single “WISH” on SONO Music

Electronic Dream Pop Artist VAN ELST’s Ode to Longing and Regret Offers an Awe-Inspiring and Emotional Journey for Listeners Everywhere

Utrecht, Netherlands

Release Date: 2023-05-19
Check out WISH here: HTTPS://go.sono.to/wish

Today, SONO Music is proud to announce the release of WISH, the new single from Electronic Dream Pop artist VAN ELST. Hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands, VAN ELST is a producer, songwriter and drummer, previously seen on stage opening for Bauhaus with his previous band Desert Mountain Tribe.

Van Elst - WISH Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The melancholic and atmospheric arrangement of acoustic piano sounds mixed light breathy synths and floating vocals are VAN ELST’s ode to feelings of longing, regret and a Wish for things to be different. His music absorbs the listener into the already authentic landscape of the artist, continuing his musical blend of melancholic synth lines, bass heavy electronics, atmospheric dream pop melodies with hints of psychedelia.

VAN ELST commented: “For me, music is a great mirror of my emotions. This song arrived to me out of nowhere on a late night of existential thinking. For me, channeling these feelings through frequencies helps me to better understand my complex own inner world. I often listen back to previously written songs to then only understand what I really went through in the moment of high emotions. WISH is definitely one of the songs that captured a moment like that in its purest form. With this song and my music in general, I hope to achieve more acceptance of our true emotions and to create less of a barrier to share our inner feelings with the world around us.”

The release of WISH follows VAN ELST’s year of touring in the States and Europe as the drummer of Psych Trio Desert Mountain Tribe. The artist hopes his music will create more awareness and understanding of the struggles experienced by many, providing a feeling of hope and a healing experience for the listener.

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