Feel the Magic of Latin Folk with Cecilia Lara’s New Single, “Ojos de Cristal”, Out Now on SONO Music!

Get Ready to Experience the Melancholy, Nostalgia and Intimacy of Latin American Magical Realism with Cecilia Lara’s New Single, Out Now on SONO Music!

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Madrid, Spain

Release Date: 2023-09-29
Check out Ojos de Cristal here: https://go.sono.to/ojosdecristal

SONO Music is thrilled to announce the release of Cecilia Lara’s new single, “Ojos de Cristal”, out this Friday 29/09.

This single is the first of two to be released before the launch of Cecilia’s first EP, and gives fans a taste of what is to come from this Madrid-based singer-songwriter. “Ojos de Cristal” is a blend of rhythmic yet nostalgic, folk yet modern, Latin yet peninsular sounds.

Cecilia Lara is a Madrid-based singer-songwriter, whose music has been described as reminiscent of Latin-American magical realism. Drawing on the classic Iberian folk tradition of Saudade, her music is captivatingly intimate and sentimental. From her first homemade songs to her most recent, produced by artists such as Belize and soqQuadro, her sound has evolved constantly while retaining its distinctive air of nostalgia.

Commenting on the single, Cecilia Lara said: “Ojos de Cristal was written several months after the breaking up of a relationship. That is the reason why you will find out that the melancholy of these lyrics are not found in the fact of breaking up, but on the shame of forgetting how you loved that person, forgetting what you lived together. Everything lasts what it has to last and normally that’s more than it should, so we should be less practical, more genuine and sentimental, and appreciate things in their natural way, with it’s own beggining and its end.”

Cecilia Lara’s “Ojos de Cristal” is out this Friday 29/09. Get ready to experience the new sound of Latin folk!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeloCecilia

Cecilia Lara on Spotify


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