Music to help Alzheimer research. SONO Music Group announces Paces, the debut Single by Kura Sky.

Kura Sky’s debut single ‘Paces’ is a melting pot of electronic music, ambient soundscapes and a sweet ethereal voice, and it will help others since all proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Society in UK. The single will be out on all platforms tomorrow, Friday, April 16th.

Listen to / Pre-Save ‘Paces’ (feat. Moors) HERE

Made almost entirely in separate rooms, counties and countries, Kura Sky’s debut track ‘Paces (feat. Moors)’ features a collaboration with the New Zealand/Brighton-based band Moors. The song explores themes of finding hope and reverie as a response to the myriad changes to the routines of daily life.

The lyrics of Paces come from a place of realising and making peace with the forced stillness of lockdown. The song was an effort to de-programme from the machine that is overworking, schedules and the stress associated with it, while also acknowledging and appreciating the stillness that comes with it.

Kura Sky commented: ” We first started writing ‘Paces’ in the summer of 2020 and it was the first track we finished writing together. Made almost entirely in separate rooms and countries, ‘Paces’ features a collaboration with New-Zealand/Brighton-based Moors. The song explores themes of finding hope and reverie as a response to the myriad changes to the routines of daily life brought about by the national COVID lockdown.

We’re incredibly proud of the track and how it is has turned out, especially as all aspects of the song-writing were done independently, in different bedrooms. This is the first of four tracks that we wrote together (with the help of friends from across the globe) during lockdown and we are excited to get them released into the ether and for people to hear what we have created! “.

Kura Sky are Sam Lloyd and Will Taylor and were formed out of a period of isolation in early 2020. The band name was taken from the Swedish term Kura Skymning: ‘sitting quietly and pondering at dusk,’ and was chosen because of their fascination with landscape and nature.


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