SONO Music announces CERCO the new single by Elena Piacenti

Elena Piacenti, Roman singer-songwriter, after the success in the well-known television program X Factor with the song by Sergio Endrigo “ Io che amo solo te ”, presents her new single ” CERCO ‘ ‘. Available on all digital platforms from 23 September.

Rome, Italy – 23/09/2022
Listen ‘CERCO’ here: https://go.sono.to/cerco 

Elena writes out of need, a need to tell a story about herself and to look for a deeper connection with the inner self and the outer world.

‘Cerco’ is a melancholic single, but at the same time a song full of hope which represents the mood of the young singer.

The music, initially written with a piano, and later arranged by the producer Daniele Vitale, will now take an electronic turn.

Elena Piacenti commented: “Cerco was born in a moment of uncertainty. I felt lost, alone, constantly looking for something that I didn’t even know what it was. In the song I develop a sort of awareness, I realize that it is useless to worry about the dramas of the past, because there is no going back in time and although there are things for which I still cannot give myself an explanation, I am only taking away time from what I have in front of me: the present

I always realize too late, so I close my eyes and think of a happy moment. I think of when I was still living with my family, I think of my mother, my rock, my best friend and I tell myself that maybe I have not enjoyed that moment, before it left when we were happy and we didn’t even realize it. The message I try to give with this song is to live what we are here, now. Because nothing stays the same forever, but if you live every day and enjoy every single moment the past will be more and more distant and the future will be less fearful. “.