Gintsugi - Hex Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

SONO Music announces Hex, the new Single by Gintsugi

Gintsugi casts a Hex against tyrants with dark and witty humour, shaping a song full of deep synth sounds.

Grenoble, France

Release Date: 2023-07-07
Check out Hex here: go.sono.to/hex

SONO Music is proud to present Gintsugi‘s new single, Hex. The song casts a hex against tyrants with dark and witty humour, shaping a song full of deep synth sounds.

Gintsugi - Hex Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Gintsugi’s art-pop music wraps shadows with light, exposing the beauty of our imperfections. She finds her strength in vulnerability, exacerbating her emotional body on a narrow line between exposure and rupture. Singer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, electronics, guitar), Gintsugi now composes and produces her work.

Her first self-titled EP was produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, Beth Orton). Her first full-length album is expected in the fall 2023, in collaboration with SONO Music and Beautiful Losers Records.

Gintsugi commented: “The song was conceived as a real hex, in a moment where I was practicing pagan meditations and spells. They say you should be prepared to receive your hex threefold, so I made a hex against an aspect of personality I wish I’ll never pick up, as the contempt toward other human beings.

‘Hex’ is my most political song: addressed to people who take up a lot of power; speak and act with scorn towards people around them. It’s against a patriarchal system of privilege – old as dinosaurs – that should really die. I arranged it with a Moog that I was experimenting around with and some alternative drums that sound like knives and hammers, in the legacy of my song ‘Blind’ that’s in my first EP Gintsugi.

Hex will be available on all major streaming platforms, and will be followed by a streamed concert in Geneva, at Urgence Disk Records (L’Usine) on the 09/07.

Gintsugi is an artist that has always been able to find beauty in the darkness. Her new single Hex perfectly encapsulates her unique sound, combining dark and witty humour with deep synth sounds to create a powerful statement against tyrants and the patriarchy. We look forward to hearing more from Gintsugi as she continues to develop her art-pop sound.

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/gintsugimusic
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