SONO Music announces The Elephant in the Room, the new Album by Gintsugi

An Immersive Journey Into the Human Psyche, Embracing the Depths of Human Emotion and Experience.
Grenoble, France

Release Date: 2023-10-20
Check out The Elephant in the Room here: https://go.sono.to/theelephantintheroom

SONO Music is proud to announce the release of GINTSUGI’s second production, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Available from October 20th, the album is the fruit of overflowing creativity and deep, articulate international influences.

Gintsugi The Elephant in the Room - SONO Music Group

With nine tracks, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is a reflection of GINTSUGI’s great talent and musical depth. Born out of a moment of both global and personal crisis, GINTSUGI’s album evokes events and emotions without filtering or pretension.

GINTSUGI wrote and recorded the tracks for the album in her home studio with a Native sound library, a Moog, a computer and the violin of one of her collaborators, Eymeric Anselem. The production was finalized in collaboration with Beautiful Losers Records, who also mixed and mastered the work.

The tracks on THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM form nine little worlds, each illuminating an aspect of reality. The album shines a light on the difference and contrast between the feeling of love and the social structures in which it can develop, or by which it can be fought and repressed; the relationship between the unlimited consumption of resources and climate catastrophes; and the search for healing from an addiction that weakens and humiliates.

GINTSUGI has carved out a place for herself on the music scene with an artistry that transcends conventional boundaries. Singer, multi-instrumentalist (piano, electronics, guitar) and producer of her own creations, GINTSUGI delves into the recesses of her emotional soul, navigating the delicate line between exposure and catharsis. Her debut EP, produced with Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, Beth Orton), laid the foundations for her singular sound. Yoad Nevo, a mixing virtuoso who has worked for artists such as SIA and AIR, added his artistic touch to the OUTSIDE single, shaping its sonic identity.

GINTSUGI’s new album, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, is an immersive journey into the human psyche, embracing the depths of human emotion and experience. With every lyric, melody and note, GINTSUGI invites listeners to dare and embrace their imperfections, transforming human vulnerability into strength.

GINTSUGI is supported for 2023-2026 by Le Ciel (Grenoble); La Belle Electrique (Grenoble); SMAC Les Abattoirs (Bourgoin-Jailleu).

Gintsugi commented: “If it were a tarot card, the album would be the Nameless Arcane. Born of desolation and great solitude, it rests on the backbone of things. It’s a direct confrontation with reality. A disappointment, but also the realization that you can sometimes find nourishment where you’ve never looked. And the endurance to carry on, despite everything.”

Be sure to check out GINTSUGI’s new album, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, available from October 20th on SONO Music.

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