SONO Music announces The One, the new Single by Jeilani

Get Ready to Feel the Magic and Power of Love with Jeilani’s Enchanting New Track!

Houston, United States

Release Date: 2023-08-16
Check out The One here: uni.sono.to/theone

SONO Music is proud to present the new single “The One” by rising R&B artist Jeilani. The talented 19-year-old from Houston, United States has been making waves in the music industry with his soulful melodies and modern beats.

The one Jeilani - SONO Music Group

Inspired by Usher’s iconic RnB love songs, “The One” is an enchanting and heartfelt single that captures the depth and beauty of love with its lyrics. Jeilani has been singing since he was 10 years old, perfecting his vocal range to create a unique sound that has been called “attractive to listeners” by reviewers.

One of Jeilani’s standout moments came when his song ‘flatline’ was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: R&B playlist. This increased exposure led to even more attention for the artist, as listeners were struck by his powerful voice and relatable lyrics.

When asked about his new single, Jeilani commented: “I’m super proud of this song. Everything from the layering, and overall production (that I did myself!), the lyrics are my favorite though; despite it not taking me long to write it captures my emotions perfectly, as I just let everything flow naturally and had FUN!! I hope this is -the one- to gain traction from me!”

Jeilani hopes to continue growing as a performer and songwriter, building a body of work that will inspire and connect with audiences around the world. Get ready to hear more from this rising star, as he’s just getting started.

Meet Jeilani on Social Media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imjeilani
Spotify: Jeilani on Spotify
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/itsjeilani

Jeilani on Spotify


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