SONO Music announces Vibe City the new single by Dontmesswithjuan, Audible Void & ISM

A song to bring you back in the daze.

Release Date: 19/08/2022

Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Vibe City ’ here: https://go.sono.to/vibecity

Audible Void and Dontmesswithjuan are teaming up for a new release bringing us back to the real things. Exploring this crevice between our digital lives and our seemingly faraway analog lives. Stemming from a nature perspective both artists share, the second single Vibes City of their upcoming EP titled Analog Island should bring you back in the daze.

Faded and pixelated memories remain from a time when things were so simple. It all comes flooding back in vivid detail with a certain smell, until we can feel the sand between our toes. The way the light would dance and sparkle on the water, the cool breeze in the air and the sun warming our souls. Longing to return to that place, we close our eyes and listen to the sound of the waves slowly rolling in.

Audible Void, ISM & Dontmesswithjuan commented: “Working with Audible Void is an inspiring process connecting me at the same time with the natural world and the digital world. Exploring this paradox present in our current times with AV was an eye-opening experience and a self-excavating journey. All this through a dreamy and modular electronic sonic landscape unique to AV. Facing reality always brings me happiness. This kind of shivery-grass-in-a-hand happiness”.

Artists Bio

Dontmesswithjuan is a living ecosystem, drenched in the unknown, orchestrated by a girl who likes to stay in the shadows. From Montreal, 360° artist, she is unfolding into her own genre called Surrealist Electronica, where her philosophical questions, haunting voice, dark textures, sound design, glitchy foley elements, and surrealist videos collide to create a cinematic world outside of human reality. Come find yourself in an introspective and imaginative journey.

Dontmesswithjuan and her record label SONO Music released her debut album Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness in June 2021, on which each single represents a level into fictional character Juan’s quest to shed light on his questions of purpose. Now the cycle starts again, this time in the Metaverse.

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Dontmesswithjuan, the last single Young Lady from her album was released along with the album on June 25th, 2021 followed by accompanying surrealist video and short story. Sometimes in life, we need to eliminate a version of ourselves that we might have been very attached to. We need to let go of a part of ourselves, of our frustrations, of our past….

So we can move into the next cycle…….

Audible Void:

Solo musician Luther Burke formed Audible Void in late 2017. It started with synth explorations and quickly formed into the serious project that we have today. Audible Void explores music through a vision in hyperspace. Meditative music with deep feeling is what you can expect from the Maryland native.

Discover Audible Void, ISM & Dontmesswithjuan on SONO record label website: https://sonomusic.co/artist/dontmesswithjuan 

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