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SONO Music announces Waiting, the new Single by Hallyx

Experience the Powerful Cry of Love with Hallyx’s New Track, Through Which She Captures the Depths of Human Emotion and Experience.

Rome, Italy

Release Date: 2023-06-23
Check out Waiting here: https://go.sono.to/waiting

The Italian-Cuban singer-songwriter and actress Hallyx has released her new single “Waiting”, through SONO Music. The energetic and loud track invites listeners to feel the visceral cry of love that Hallyx sings, combined with a repetitive piano loop which simulates the frustration and pain she feels due to a relationship.

Hallyx - Waiting - Artwork - SONO Music

Alessandra Arcangeli, aka Hallyx, grew up travelling and visiting her grandparents in Cuba, before living for a year in the United States at age 17, where she began writing songs. This experience has shaped her music and her mind to think in different languages, and to be creative through different art forms, such as theatre, music, and cinema.

Commenting on the meaning of the song, Hallyx said: “It’s hard to talk about a song about love. If I look at the situation that I was dealing with… I think it’s ridiculous. Love, sometimes, makes you turn into an irregular object who doesn’t know where to go, what to do… Sometimes, you feel like crying hours, waiting days, weeks, months, just because you can’t handle the truth, or because you don’t want to see the truth. As a little kid, crying, suffering, waiting for a deep appreciation, a true love from a parent that is not able to love. The song “Waiting” is about the eternal feeling of waiting that a person can feel, when is missing Love. I believe that we all experienced that. It’s a dark place… that only music can make it smile.”

Hallyx proves herself to be a powerful artist with her new single “Waiting”, through which she manages to touch on the depths of human emotion and experience. Her artistry and talent are ones to be celebrated, and her new single will surely capture the hearts of many.

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