Crystal Murray Shares Seductive ‘Other Men’

It features Le Diouck…

Parisian force Crystal Murray has shared her new single ‘Other Men’.

Still only 20 years old, it sometimes feels as though Crystal Murray’s experiences – and her assured touch – vastly out-weigh her age.

Take this latest single. Prised from incoming EP ‘Twisted Bases’ – out on February 11th – it’s a sensual piece of fragmented neo-soul, with ‘Other Men’ coming to represent Crystal at her most alluring.

There’s space for other voices, however, with ‘Other Men’ aligning Crystal’s voice against Le Diouck.

In her own words, ‘Other Men’ is “a song about a toxic love which keeps coming back, a repetitive ballad. This song touches me deeply, when I sing it the piano melody possesses me and something mystical happens. Le Diouck and I knew straight away we had to do this track together – I wanted an out of the ordinary voice, a surprise effect.”

Tune in now.

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/crystal-murray-shares-seductive-other-men