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Experience the Journey of Maze Cricket’s “Incidental Contact High

Embark on a Mind-Bending Journey with Maze Cricket’s “Incidental Contact High”: Exploring the Boundaries of Space Pop and the Power of Unexpected Experiences

Thessaloniki, Greece

Release Date: 16 March 2024
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The music world is all buzzes as Maze Cricket, a Greek based artist, songwriter, and producer, dropped her latest single “Incidental Contact High”. The music will mix electronic, pop, indie, and dream-pop in one, in a new style that will be set to be called “Space Pop,” from the very profound visual style of the Space Age in the ’60s.

Maze Cricket’s Musical Journey Maze Cricket’s journey into the music world began at the young age of 7 when she started studying and playing music.

17 years as a concert pianist, with a background in classical piano and baroque music, she now covers production and songwriting. “Incidental Contact High” is nothing less of a testament to the new nature of a songwriter and producer.

A Dreamy and Hypnotic Single

The song, set to be released on March 16, 2024, is something hypnotic and dreamy, leading a listener down through Maze Cricket’s mind. The artist reveals that she drew inspiration for the song from a short story that she stumbled upon. It’s an intimate jamming, as she describes that creative process when the melody and the lyrics just flowed naturally, capturing a fusion of trip-hop with synthwave, creating this very unique and very appealing sound.

The Story Behind “Incidental Contact High”

But what is the point of “Incidental Contact High”? Maze Cricket simply informs that it is about the theme of finding pleasure from the unexpected experience and from a little larger expansion of one’s limits and borders. The very title is from John Koenig’s “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,” who defines the word as “an innocuous touch by someone just doing their job—a barber, yoga instructor, or a friendly waitress—that you find more meaningful than you’d like to admit.” This idea, put forward through the lyrics and music of the song, is what made the song home for so many listeners. Maze Cricket’s Evolution as an Artist

Maze Cricket has developed as an artist in the years, and that’s growth heard in this single. From being a classically trained pianist to now making her music and picking up singing again, she really came into her own on this track. This is only the beginning for Maze Cricket, who has released two studio albums already and is working on three more.

A Must-Listen for Space Pop Fans

The sound of Maze Cricket is reminiscent of the music of Grimes, Purity Ring, and CHVRCHES. With her vocal effort and the sound, everything is kind in the industry. “Incidental Contact High” is something that people who like to listen to lyrics put with ethereal music definitely consider giving it a listen. Maze Cricket Bio Maze Cricket is an artist, lyricist, and producer from Greece. He has studied music and is a piano player from the age of 7 and has been a concert pianist for 17 years.

She was from a classical school piano class and could graduate after attending, and in 2014, she went to college, majoring in piano performance and baroque music. In December 2021, she started production practice. At that time, it started that Maze wrote her first song and began to sing. She enjoys composing her music and taking it in layers, with a classical style. Making her own pieces has helped her in finding very much her own style. Space Pop: that’s what Maze has called her work. It has deeply inspired the images of the Space Age in the 60s, but on another side, it also reflects with its whole smorgasbord electronics, indie, pop, and dreampop.

Maze Cricket has released two studio albums so far. Currently, he is in the studio with three other studio albums in production, so one can look forward to more dreamy and captivating music from this artist.