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Discover the Sounds of Maze Cricket’s ‘Incidental Contact High’ – The Interview

Uncover the Deeper Meaning of Maze Cricket’s ‘Incidental Contact High’ as Thessaloniki’s Music Scene Expands with Her Haunting Sound

Thessaloniki, Greece

Release Date: 27 March 2024
Check out Incidental Contact High here: Incidental Contact High Single Video Link

In the world of modern music, where genres come together and new arise, Maze Cricket really shines like an innovation and introspection beacon. An artist, a singer, and a producer hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, they have found a very unique place in music. It easily could be said that this artist is carving her own planet in the music world. Born from the classical roots of 17 years deep as a concert pianist, Maze Cricket dares to merge territories and create something absolutely new: classical with the future sounds of electronic music. She calls it Space Pop.

As ethereal as the cosmos and grounded by human emotion, the genre takes on a tour from the classical piano into an electronic pop-indie dreampop blend, influenced by the visuals and musics styling of the ’60s Space Age. Music from Maze Cricket is dreamy but assertive electronic experimentation—the sound of nostalgia in exchange with the future. Two studio albums later and three to her name, she does not make music; she creates moments.

And one of those new singles, “Incidental Contact High,” is further evidence of just that developing artistry, one which plumbs the dark and deep with an inventive mix of trip-hop and synthwave.

In this interview, we get the mind behind the music, bringing out inspirations, processes, and future ambition of Maze Cricket. This is her story of creative liberation, really; a finding of voice through the synthesis of sound, daring to explore new frontiers of what music and life have to offer.

Q&A Session with Maze Cricket

What inspired you to make music?

After years of being a concert pianist, I felt a creative frustration. There was always something missing. One evening, impulsively buying a synthesizer and downloading a DAW changed everything. I locked myself away for months, writing and perfecting my production skills. This was when I truly found completeness in music.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s an experimental journey within the electronic realm, infused with pop music patterns. Dreamy and assertive, it’s influenced by synth pop, synthwave, electronic, and trip hop, reflecting my varied musical inspirations.

What elements do you draw inspiration from when creating your music?

Inspiration can strike from anywhere: a dream, different genres of music, or just jamming on my synth. Everything around me is a potential muse.

What is your music creation process like?

I start with a beat and chords, building up the music arrangement and structure, usually completing the instrumental before adding lyrics and melody. Sometimes, the lyrics and melody emerge simultaneously.

How do you plan to keep your fans engaged?

Live gigs are on the horizon, along with the release of my three nearly finished albums. These are the primary ways I plan to connect and share my work with fans.

Tell us about your upcoming releases.

My album “What Comes After Hardcore” includes “Incidental Contact High” and delves into unconventional sources of pleasure, showcasing my signature dreamlike synth pop sound. “Sillage” is a French electronic dance pop album that was incredibly fun to make. “Kink,” akin to a personal diary, shares a strong emotional bond with me, previewed in my EP “Blue Orange.”

Did you collaborate with anyone on this project?

So far, my projects have been intimate and introverted creations. However, I plan to introduce collaborations in my future works, broadening my creative horizons.

Is there a message or theme in your upcoming release that you hope listeners will grasp?

My music is introspective, exploring the depths of the human experience, including toxic forms of pleasure, love, and satisfaction. “Incidental Contact High” and its album particularly delve into finding pleasure in abuse as a form of escapism.

The Cosmic Journey of Maze Cricket

From here, the journey of Maze Cricket from classical music to the innovation of Space Pop is itself inspiring for the innovative and introspective power that music has. What distinguishes her is the fact that she draws inspiration from very subtle touches between classics and electronics, mixing everything up to create something very new. With a new album on the way and a desire to pull off more physical connections with the live audience, Maze Cricket isn’t so much “making” music as much as she is allowing listeners to step into a world where the boundaries of genre and expression are constantly pushed, tested, and expanded. It is a story that would bring pride to Maze Cricket’s—a beacon for any aspiring musician that one can, with love, experimentation, and introspection, find a space of their own in the cosmos of music.