JD Kelleher: A Beacon of Queer Pop Brilliance with “Dance On Ur Own 2 Feet”

Fanore, Ireland

Listen here: Dance On Ur Own 2 Feet

In the dynamic world of pop music, few artists shine as brightly and authentically as JD Kelleher. A London-based non-binary, queer actor, and singer/songwriter, Irish, reignites with a burst onto the scene across the globe with the release of their electrifying new pop single and video, “Dance On Ur Own 2 Feet” out everywhere.

This release represents the next step for Kelleher, who comes off a spectacular career to date and a year of streaming success at a record level, with singles from the album that have received critical acclaim reviews and further solidified him as a game-changer in the music world.

They, too, are joined by the newcomer at keys & synths Alex Badia, who collaborated with them on their latest project. Before this, the impressive duo made its own waves previously in the Irish rock chart when, just in time for that referendum, they released their debut single and video, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” which was the lead single off Kelleher’s debut EP “The Ugly Tree”. Their combined collaboration had proved a strong force by welding those different influences, allowing them to bring out an edgy, fresh sound that resists being easily defined into any one category. A Message of Empowerment and Celebration

“Dance On Ur Own 2 Feet” is more than just a pop single; it’s an anthem of empowerment, self-belief, and joy.

The song is a call, according to Kelleher, to indeed blaze one’s own trail, stand up for what they believe in, and believe in oneself and what one is doing, by celebrating one’s unique brilliance to which everybody has access. In times of darkness, Kelleher aims to uplift and encourage listeners to embrace their passions and loves fiercely.

And while a queer theme is threaded throughout their music, Kelleher is quick to note that that’s only part of the story. He says one can find an authentically universal message of celebration at the core of a song like Tootsie Roll.

A Life-Affirming Visual Experience The single comes with a video featuring the spirit of the song right—a life-affirming dawn strut across London’s Millennium Bridge.

The film is a short representation of what Kelleher would like to bring out as optimism and affirmation that he desires to put forward—not that he is necessarily a musician, but rather a narrator who puts to use both sound and imagery to relay his powerful message.

JD Kelleher’s journey in the music industry is a testament to what happens when one really does stay true to themselves and pushes the limits of creativity. From politically charged singles topping the charts to anthems to pop celebrations of individualism and freedom, Kelleher was—and remains—a bold voice for the representation of the queer community and much more.

Here they continue to levitate queer pop joy to even more dizzying, almost transparent heights with ‘Dance On Ur Own 2 Feet’ allowing listeners from any walk of life to join in on the celebration. Watch, Stream, and Share As “