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Kaiden Nolan’s Blend of Funk and Indie Rock in the Single “Undersold”

Unleashing the Soul of Manchester: Kaiden Nolan’s Impactful Blend of Funk and Indie Rock Explores the Complexities of Society in Latest Single “Undersold”

Manchester, United Kingdom

Release Date: 25 March 2024
Check out Undersold here: Undersold Single Link

A parachuting heart and soul of Manchester, Kaiden Nolan, pours funk and indie rock together with an authentic concoction to deliver the complexities of society in his latest single “Undersold.”

Long known as a powerhouse in the breeding ground for music and a city that has turned out some of the greatest and most significant artists who ever lived, there isn’t really a better place to launch a music career than Manchester. And now they have brought forth their next prodigy in the form of Kaiden Nolan.

This 24-year-old soloist has continued to make the music scene by storm, moving from a blend of funk and indie rock influences to shape something up-to-date and vigorous. Hailing from Manchester, Kainton Nolan has been making waves with his socially-minded lyrics and powerful vocals.

Since then, his music has caught the eye of many—from performances at Liverpool Sound City to a place at Glastonbury 2023. Now, he is back with his latest single “Undersold,” bringing with it a growing string of rave reviews. Most recently, it was crowned XS Radio’s track of the week.

The track is out from his debut EP, “The Thought Of U And I”, set to release in the summer of 2024. His influences run from John Lennon to Arctic Monkeys and Sam Fender, the sounds of which Kaiden shares, both timeless and contemporary. But more than just a toe-tapping tune, “Undersold” is the poignant message on the struggle of working-class people against today’s cost of living crisis.

His words hold a lot of desire for a good life, along with pressure for material wealth in a set society. With its soulful sound and tear-filled lyrics, “Undersold” is a modern hymn for the British underclass. Kaiden’s music represents the quickly evolving face of music in the city of Manchester, which is home to greats such as The Smiths and Oasis, to continue that great tradition.

It demonstrates his music with a guitar tradition worldwide of this city, and of course, definitely, his incomparable style and charged message have to step over the industry. Mark your calendars: “Undersold” comes out on March 21st, 2024. The vocalism that you will like to listen to and the lyrics with consciousness about society, the record by Kaiden Nolan, is a sure shot one to impress you.

And his debut EP is nothing but a must, that’s for sure. Manchester does, as ever, present to the world its best rising star. We simply can’t wait to follow Kaiden Nolan on the way his life is going.

Kaiden Nolan Bio

Kaiden Nolan hails from Manchester, where he is a solo musician. His music is quite well known, with powerful and acerbic songwriting combining socially minded indie rock with fusions of funk. Following appearances at Liverpool Sound City and Glastonbury 2023, the 24-year-old goes into the record fresh from his biggest hometown headline show yet: a sold-out Deaf Institute gig (260 tickets) on the back of four self-released singles, the latest (“Undersold”) being XS Radio’s Track of the Week. Next steps would entail a full EP delivery (spring 2024) that will carry with it his locally-hyped live offering to a nationwide audience.