SONO Music announces Familiar Path, the new Single by Amberscent

Get Ready to Be Transported Through Amberscent’s Powerful Blend of Classical Music and Experimental Electronica

Rome, Italy

Release Date: 2023-11-24
Check out Familiar Path here: https://go.sono.to/familiarpath

SONO Music is proud to present the new single “Familiar Path” by Amberscent, a brilliant artist from Rome, Italy.

Giada Squarcia, aka Amberscent, is an artist whose identity has been shaped on classical music studies, music for cinema studies, and research on electronic instruments. Her creative output is an effort to bring together her influences and passions, and to find new ways to express her emotions.

The new single “Familiar Path” is a captivating journey through time that unites classical music and experimental electronica. Through this track, Amberscent explores the idea of déjà vu, and shares her thoughts on the power of time in our lives.

Amberscent commented: “In my years of musical research I have constantly searched for something very personal and difficult to put into words, but still very powerful and through which my eyes see and my ears hear now. It’s impossible to explain just in few sentences why at some point I realized that everything is about Time (our feelings, our thoughts, the choices we make, the people we meet…) but Time is the key of the upcoming album, and we’ll see it more in the next chapters.”

In addition to her own project, Amberscent is dedicated to the soundtrack of short films, video art, and live performances of soundtracks on films. She was a finalist in several competitions and received an award for the best experimental soundtrack of a historic advertising spot in an international contest (SeeUsound – Turin).

We invite you to listen to Amberscent’s new single “Familiar Path” and experience the captivating journey through time and emotions.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amber_scent/
Spotify: Amberscent on Spotify

Amberscent on Spotify


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