KIPANI Ignites the Indie Pop Scene with “Seventeen”

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The band emerged from upstate New York, in the new frontier of indie-pop, with a sound that explodes from the stage and resonates across the world.

Formed in 2020, KIPANI, a trio of indie-pop, wasted no time and quickly found a niche from their inventive mix of music, which they’d refer to as “Diary Pop,” led by the charismatic Tiffany, with Sean and Mike by her side. Taking the inspiration right off the pages from Tiffany’s diary, the music the band brings is a full-body mix of infectious melodies and rousing choruses, married with deeply honest lyrics that sift through the innermost of its band members’ emotions and demons. With their latest EP, “Lotus 2022,” KIPANI hopes to finally achieve the major reach that has so far eluded them, despite three self-produced music videos, each with over 25K views on YouTube, and over 60K streams on Spotify.

And with that came the unique brand of songwriting and genuine expression that would soon find favor with press, like Plastic Mag and Indie Underrated. On May 19, 2023, Spoiled Ingrates would be released, KIPANI’s debut full-length album, which, once on the charts, took them firmly under control, peaking at #69 overall in the iTunes Store and clinching the #1 spot on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

This monumental achievement underscored the band’s growing influence and the universal appeal of their music. KIPANI dropped the single “Seventeen” on March 12th, 2024. This single serves as a reminder and reflection of being 17: the sense of responsibility shifts from the boring ones to have more room to take on more freedom to find what life may hold.

Featuring a combination of their dance EDM with signature diary-pop sound, “Seventeen” walks a delicate balance between an introspective look at life’s decision points and a danceable, screamable anthem for the youth to seize the impacts of choices. “Seventeen” asks the big questions: Where is that wrong turn? What different thing could we have done? And why all these adult years filled with suffering?

This single will be the third of six that are planned to lead up to a new EP in 2024, each track marking a step on the musical and emotional exploration journey for KIPANI. All the members of KIPANI come from the background of musical theatre, telling stories in music both in recordings and through a spectacle live.

This theatrical touch marks a signature of their performances, arriving at audiences with a spectacle equivalent to visual appeal and aural experience. Where KIPANI music seems to be the all of them wanting to do music, this sound of “diary pop” is a fresh and exciting take on how music should really be told.

With the new single “Seventeen”, it treats the listener with a more intimate journey of reflection, dancing, and connecting with promises of entrancing anthems and appealing melodies. More information about KIPANI and new data on releases and live performances on their Instagram, as well as the listening of their tracks, can be found at Spotify. KIPANI is not just a band; it’s a movement that calls you into the world of diary pop.